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Comprehensive Test series Programme

1.Brief study material for each topics of General Studies as per new syllabus .

2.Every alternate day question writing practice on specified topics, till mains

3.Every sunday full lenght test based on new syllabus till BPSC Mains Examination.

4. Answer formating for each question(viz.polity,history,geography,Science -tech,economy,current issues, social issues etc.

5. Discussion with our expert on relevant sections .

6. Live answer writing session (students can write answer using pen & paper and upload the same within stipulated time .

7. Previous year question answer formating of relevant questions with complete explanation.

8. writing skill and methodology

9. Users have the advantage of reviewing their appeared Test .

10. Answers uploaded by the users will be reviewed by our experts and it will be reloaded after 24hrs.

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Online Registration Process:/ How to participate in The BPSC Test Series.

    1.Students are required to Register themselves first with youngindiatimes.com click here to Register for BPSC Crash Course/Test series..

    2. After successful submision of registration form an activation link will be sent to your registered mail id .Please open your mail ID and click on the link sent by youngindiatimes to activate your account.(activation Link if not found in inbox of your mail than please see in SPAM and click to acivate your account.)

    3. Now login with your user name & password

    4. Select a Category - Either Bihar Public Service Commission ( Hindi Medium) or Bihar Public Service Commission ( English Medium for BPSC Test Series.

    5. Now click on Go for Premium Membership Image seen in the middle of the page.

    6. Make payment either online or offline (We suggest you to make your payment onlinefor speedy activation of your account.)

    7. Drop us a mail with the receipt of payment made by you at payment@youngindiatimes.com and youngindiatimes@gmail.com

    8. Also send your transection number and your mail id through SMS to 9555525685

    9. Your account will be activated within 48 hours of your payment received.If account not activated than please call us on 9555525685 or 9015151203

    10. Now Premium User can access BPSC Test Series/Practice Sets by clicking on Online Test Series in their login page menu

    11. The candidates who have already Registered ; Please click here to Login to start Test series /Practice Set.

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