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Insurance & Risk Management

Linking formalized risk management activity with strategy continues to challenge organizations in both planning and implementation. Our experience shows no consistent approach being applied across the market, as well as a lack of consistent involvement by risk management professionals in those activities that do take place.

Our conversations with CEOs and CROs increasingly turn to strategic uncertainty and managing unanticipated risks as effectively as possible. The dialogue deals less with compliance and more with the broader benefits and business value that can be derived. It is no surprise that the topic continues to gain momentum in an uncertain economic environment.

Of particular importance is the delay in the timeline for Solvency II, which links risk management and internal models to strategic decision-making. As companies continue Solvency II spending, they need to step back and review their risk management efforts.

Our certification programme is being run with the help of many academic and industry psrtners.After completion of this course we put our sucessful students to industrial internship and placements.

 Know Insurance & Risk Management

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